We are very glad to tell, that a little instrumental Tune by Huey Walker can be heard in the „Behind The Scenes“-Video for icelandic Artist Kitty Von-Sometime’s „Eldena Ruins“-Episode of her „The Weird Girls Project„, done for this year’s Nordischer Klang-Festival in Greifswald.

Besides all current noisy-ambient-droning Stuff, this shows up some different Approach of Huey Walker’s Music. In 2009 he started, temporarily having no analogue Recording-Techniques, a Project with an underwater-bubbly Theme and Sound, based on digitally sequenced and programmed Music – sounding clear and clean and tidied up, as well as somehow stumbly-handmade. Its „Astouned In A Merry Go Round“ can be heard in this Behind The Scenes-Footage.

Behind the Scenes of Special Episode: Eldena Ruins from Kitty Von-Sometime on Vimeo.

The original „Special Episode: Eldena Ruins“ can be seen here at Kitty Von-Sometime’s Vimeo.

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8. Mai 2013