Droops – Installation for Guitars and Waterdrops

Droops – Installation for Guitars and Waterdrops

Droops is an installation for multiple guitars played by water.
The guitars are brought to sound by dripping waterdrops, generating an evolving Wassermusik, that varies with the dynamics and amounts of the water pattering down.

Guitars played by waterdrops

Water drops from vertically erected reservoirs onto the guitars placed underneath, resulting in an aleatoric, trickling, drip-dropping, dribble-dabbling sound sculpture.

The installation Droops takes place at the intersections of aleatoric, automatic sound-art, the principles of chance, meditative music and mischievous psychedelia.

As an optional master of ceremony, Huey Walker repours the water, adds effects and occasionally he might play additional instruments like synths or guitar – joining the watery sounds in a call & response of the purling Droops and the musician in improvisation.

Huey Walker played various public outdoor performances with Droops, e.g. in Stralsund, Greifswald and Bad Doberan – the later as part of the opening ceremony of the thematically water-related festival Aquanostra.

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