Ballooons is an Installation for multiple Guitars and Balloons. Guitars are brought to Sound by flying, floating and bouncing Balloons, which are set in motion by a ventilator. Huey Walker possibly interacts by inflating and nudging the ballooons.

Ballooons – Installation for Guitars and Balloons

Ballooons in the Cubic Art Space, Greifswald

Ballooons in the Cubic Art Space, Greifswald

As in Droops and Floops, Huey Walker takes his fingers off the strings here, instead letting Balloons float, hop, and drift through the room, until they hit the guitars – coincidentally, occasionally, yet inevitably.

With balloons set in motion, Ballooons creates sounds, soundscapes and finally: music.

Following the aerodynamic principles, the balloons fall and fly differently with each impulse and hit accordingly different in speed, impact strength, position and direction on the guitars. Each time new, different music is created. A tender sound sculpture develops.

Think about Droops & Oscillations

After Droops, Oscillations and Floops, Ballooons is another installative setup with an aleatoric approach on prepared instruments and conceptual mechanisms.

Moving objects such as pendulums or materials such as water mechanically generate sounds in their contact with musical instruments or musically useful objects. The musical installation creates free, playful and impulsive music.

Premiere at Kulturnacht, 2018

Ballooons premiered on Sept. 7th, 2018 at the Cubic by Art Cube – Raum für zeitgenössische Kunst. Inside the 2x2m art space, Huey Walker played a performance within the Installation, intervening with effects and additional instruments. From a call and response between installation and musician spherical music was made, blurring the boundaries between children’s birthday party, kinetics and well-tempered chaos.

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