Mantra Marien – Installation for three Guitars and a rotating Graphite Pencil

Mantra Marien was an audio-visual Installation, shown inside the church of St. Marien, Greifswald in autumn 2017. Three guitars and a rotating paper canvas are fixed vertically on a rectangular furniture. A platelet and a graphite pencil, mounted on a carrier pole, constantly rotate over them – bringing the guitars continuously to sound and drawing endlessly on the paper canvas.

A possibly perpetual music and drawing was generated between Sept. 15th and Oct. 31st 2017.


„Mantra Marien“ was part of the exhibition „heute mir, morgen dir; hodie mini, cras tibi“ in the Marienkirche, Greifswald, accompanying large format graphite frottages of the tomb slabs on the floor of St. Marien, Greifswald.

Music & Drawing through constant rotation

The installation continuosly created music and a drawing. Within its possibly endless rotation, abrasion and decay occurs: substantially the pencil wears out through its friction over the paper. Contemporaneously and progressivly, the paper canvas becomes an artistic artefact in terms of the method of frottage. The slow and meditative music appears and disappears with every contact of the platelet on the guitars.

The results of the temporary installation of „Mantra Marien“ were various musical recordings and the automatic drawing titled „Mary, Mary, So Rotary (No. 1)“.

Martin Hiller - "Mary, Mary, So Rotary (No. 1)" (27 x 37 cm, 2017)
Martin Hiller – „Mary, Mary, So Rotary (No. 1)“ (27 x 37 cm, 2017)

As an automatic apparatus, „Mantra Marien“ generated an audio-visual experience, a transient progress, creating and being a piece of art. With its mechanically generative music and drawing „Mantra Marien“ incorporates phenomenons, thoughts and concepts of repetition, aleatoricism and disintegration.



„Im Innern der Kirche befinden sich zahlreiche Grabsteine. Durch das jahrhunderte lange Betreten sind viele der Inschriften und Abbildungen nur noch schwer lesbar. Mit den Mitteln der Frottage und großformatigen Zeichnung wurden diese in einer begehbaren Installation wieder sicht- und erlebbar gemacht. Der Musiker Huey Walker greift das Spannungsfeld zwischen Heute und Morgen musikalisch auf. Seine Klanginstallation sucht, ähnlich den grafischen Auseinandersetzung mit den Grabplatten, nach Motiven, Abschürfungen, Spuren durch die Zeiten.“

(German Info-Text about „heute mir, morgen dir; hodie mini, cras tibi“ „)

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