Martin Hiller - Mother Sun Cheese (Albumcover)

► Martin Hiller – Mother Sun Cheese

After „By The Gony State“, Martin Hiller releases another conceptual work of minimal music full of subtle changes within a steady pulse of wabbling sounds. The new work, „Mother Sun Cheese“ is a 53 minutes album made of five pieces that form a coherent unit. The music presented on this album seems to be repetitive, […]

► Huey Walker – „By The Gony State“ – Album-Trailer #4

The fourth and final Video-Trailer for the new Album „By The Gony State“ by Huey Walker. Paying tribute to the decelerated, boppy feel of the album’s music.

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – By The Gony State (2019)

By The Gony State is the new album by Huey Walker. The four pieces were composed by Martin Hiller using his conceptual method called Transpulsitions.