Huey Walker - "By The Gony State" - Album-Trailer #4

Huey Walker – „By The Gony State“ – Album-Trailer #4

„By The Gony State“ is the new album by Huey Walker. The artist who grew up in Berlin currently lives under his bourgeois name Martin Hiller in a middle-sized town near the baltic sea.

Huey Walker – By The Gony State

Even though there is a very lot of melodic information in the tracks, they are highly repetetive and minimal in their musical structure.

„By The Gony State“ collects four musical movements. While the first three pieces explore various tempers of soothe and challenging strangeness, the eponymous track „By The Gony State“ unravels tight grooves and captivating rhythms within its Transpulsitions through 20 minutes.

Each of the four video-trailers was made for being played as a loop, paying tribute to the mantra-tantra-like, joyfully repetetive and slow-throttled boppy feel of the music. Depicting right exactly that: the joy of deceleration and dance.

Video-Trailer #4