Hellö, it's Bandcamp fridäy, again!

Hellö, it’s Bandcamp fridäy, again!

Whooppee, it’s Bandcamp friday, again. Bandcamp hands over alllll the money paid by listeners and lovers of music directly to the artists. Maybe, now it’s time for you to get my recent album?

Bandcamp friday – supporting artists directly

Since its beginning, Bandcamp​ always had this little DIY/community-thingy feeling. It is really easy to present your works as a sound artist, musician etc. there. And it is so much more than just another platform for uploading „some MP3s“ and drop some quick skits. In fact, bandcamp lets you up- and also download WAVs and FLACs. For some cases – e.g. for preventing the ears from getting dumb – this is wonderful.

Bandcamp still understands musical works, like e.g. albums, as coherent pieces of art. As an artist, you can add all relevant information and extras into a well-thought interface to give your work a representation with all details and love it deserves. You can even add credits and notes to individual tracks, which is fun to dive into, when you find artists who actually do it.

And although I always felt the need to have, at least a small edition of physical pieces of a release (I am still the CDr type of weirdo, haha), Bandcamp could sort of reconcile me with the digital-only-world. The possibility to add digital booklets as PDFs is a fine way to deliver the visual part of a musical work also to those folks who prefer downloads over tactile sound carriers.

On Friday, June 3rd, is – again – one of those Fridays on which Bandcamp charges no fees and directly hands over all the stupid, yet quite practical (to buy food to live your little life) money to the artists.

So, if you are looking for a challenging, yet oddly soothing listen, then this might be your day to buy my recent album „Mother Sun Cheese“ on Bandcamp. Including all essential information on the concept and a 10-page-PDF-booklet, whoopee! 🙂

Cheers everybody.
Stay safe & sound!

Martin Hiller