International Times about Huey Walker

„His music is quiet and focussed, slowly changing and mutating, but without major incident or trajectory. It clicks and whistles and mutters to itself, made of texture and sound, incident and half-heard ambience.“ about „Blearies“ by Huey Walker

„…an ethereal, one shot, freeform Ambient and Drone production that drifts pleasantly between subtle movements of sound, carefully measured excitations designed to give the listener the lightest impression of the sonic landscape drifting, well, blearily through the mix across its span.“

Norman Records about „Die Gute Besserung“ by The Splendid Ghetto Pipers

„…an epic hour-and-a-half long drone fest […] Recorded live, the CD takes you through layers and layers of noise, static, hauntingly subtle melodies and tenderly quiet guitars. Great winter music.“

Drone Records about „Die Gute Besserung“ by The Splendid Ghetto Pipers

„promising drone-newcomer duo from Greifswald, Germany, presenting a live recording made Sept. 2013 with its full 103 minutes of handmade drone-glory performed w. guitars & electronics….’warm Breezes of blissful Drones and velvet Walls of Sounds’; comes in very nice selfmade printed cardboard cover with photo-inlay“

Unknown Vernissage Visitor about Huey Walker

„Works with Sound like a digital Philip Jeck or an analogue Carl Stone.“

Droning Earth Webzine about „Hidden Hearth“ by Huey Walker & Bassbees aka The Splendid Ghetto Pipers

„just listening this, amazing sounding live recording, reminds a bit of william fowler collins’ early live takes.“

Zeitklang – Radio jenseits des Mainstream über „fuse“ von [bro:m]

„[broːm] aus Greifswald veröffentlichen mit fuse eine tolle Postrock EP. Freunde von Vessels, Mogwai etc. sollten hier auf jeden Fall mal reinhören.“

Pyongyang Plastics about „Chaussee, Nachts Ruf“ by Huey Walker

„fantastic 2-long-tracks of quiet and ease and stasis by brilliant Huey Walker & Bassbees !!! – drone but so quiet you can relax, esp first-track-total-delighter of drone-sloooow-folkie slow-mouth-organ sloow gtr-man-fingerer !“

Flight 13 über „fuse“ von [bro:m]

„Musikalisch gibt es eine überaus gelungene Mischung aus Postrock, Indie, Postpunk und New Wave. Melancholische Parts, die mit herzzerreißenden Synthieteppichen unterlegt werden wechseln sich mit stürmische Passagen. Das klingt bekannt, kommt aber Dank zusätzlicher Genreeinflüsse anders als beim Groß der Post-Irgendwas-Formationen. Tipp“

Droning Earth Webzine about „Chaussee, Nachts Ruf“ by Huey Walker

„rainy day dream away, 1st thing came into mind while listening this, damn nice mixture of rainy field recordings and shoegazedroneambientfolk that sounds like slo-mo neil young.“

OX Fanzine über „fuse“ von [bro:m]

„Starkes Debüt, bei dessen Beschreibung Referenzbands nur in die Irre leiten würden. Irgendwo zwischen Post-Irgendwas und New Wave.“