Originally, Martin Hiller aka Hurley Wake was meant to play a concert at Loophole, Berlin on March 18th, 2020. Curated by Metzger Therapie, the Loophole should have hosted the METH #25 event. This did not happen. We all know why.

Canceled gig at Loophole, Berlin

Instead, Martin Hiller streamed a live session from his rehearsal room. Using his moniker Hurley Wake, he maelströmed some improvised vinyl plunderphonics into the orbit of the world weird web.

Starting with some defiant vinyl-processings, looking for a fine, basic loop, the recording bends into some beat-driven stumblings, then melts into drony, laminal scapes and twists back into the joy of staccatic, repetetive glitch-noodlings again. Visualized by colourful, audio-sensitive visuals, as you might know them from previous video recordings of a similar setup.

Luscious Lockdown Lullabies in Greifswald

Let’s hope, that things like concerts can happen live and in real life soon, too.

Until then,
stay safe and sound, everybody!

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28. Juni 2020

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