Huey Walker plays Plunderphonics from Vinyl, Dec. 4th, 2018

Huey Walker plays Plunderphonics from Vinyl, Dec. 4th, 2018

As part of his daily video recordings of new and improvised music in late 2018, Huey Walker aka Martin Hiller has recorded some freewheelin‘ plunderphonics with old 7inch-recordings.

In his jam from December 4th, he gently catches fragments from a random thrift store vinyl on a cheapo-turntable and weaves them into a shimmering maelstrom of obstinate oscillations.

Plunderphonics of joyfully odd pitches

The result is a soothingly buckled music with a slight david-lynch-like flavour. Offbeat loops of joyfully odd pitches blend together into a complex collage of aural excitements going wild in the stereo pan. These colourful plunderphonics were made with the muffled cheerful, slow sentiment of a late year’s blues.


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