The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, Jan. 2013

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers live at Jeudi Foster, Madame Claude, Berlin

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, the drone-duo-project of Huey Walker and Bassbees,  will play a concert during Jeudi Foster at Madame Claude, Berlin on March 13th, 2014.

Jeudi Foster at Madame Claude

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers and For Kings & Queens will play during Jeudi Foster at Madame Claude in Berlin on March 13th, 2014.

THE SPLENDID GHETTO PIPERS (Drone, Freeform, Ambient, Minimal/DE)

With Guitars, FX-Pedals, Synthesizers and occasional use of Toy Instruments, they create humming-buzzing Impromptu-Drones, based on spontaneous Intuition and Improvisation. In the Wake of the
Sound, they wander through the rich spectral Music, Tones and Noises.

FOR KINGS & QUEENS (Soundcollages, Musique Concrete, Drone/DE)

Berlin based sound alchemists For Kings and Queens will make on rare appearance playing a tribute to the Austrian poet George Trakl.

OBERST PANIZZA (DJ-Set/Trash 80s, New Wave, Early Electro/FR, Berlin)

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