Mother Sun Cheese – Videos on Youtube

Mother Sun Cheese – Videos on Youtube

The tracks from the latest release „Mother Sun Cheese“ by Martin Hiller get a visual accompaniment with colourful slow-mo videos.

Mother Sun Cheese – Videos

To me, music has always been something that happens. I love long-form music and music where the next aural events cannot necessarily be recognized by the parameters or inner logic that the music provides. I like that music, whose flow and stream of sonic elements and auditory information could always turn or bend somewhere – but then, often just doesn‘t do because it is – as a happening maelstrom of sounds – constantly fanning out and unfolding in its streaming and strumming. The flowing is already the bending here.

This love to the magic of the nature of chance, and the principles of aleatoricism, yet also the joy for buzzing and droning sounds and atmospheres has always been part of, or maybe is the actual mode of my musical activity for a long time now. The idea of the Transpulsitions, which is the underlying concept here, is – besides endlessly looping tapeloops – a very condensed implementation of these principles.

As an automatic routine, Transpulsitions sort of scans, very slowly through sonic source material and rearranges short fragments from it. The root position of these fragments is gradually shifted along the timeline of the source material. A constant pulsation arises from these automated transformations, thus the concept‘s name: Transpulsitions. The tracks generated in this way are strangely organic and consistent as results – yet completely unpredictable, in any case rippling, flowing, and beautiful in terms of tone color.

Martin Hiller about „Mother Sun Cheese“ and the concept of „Transpulstions“

The accompanying videos pay tribute to the warm and friendly tones and drones of the music. You can watch the Youtube-Playlist below. The album is available as a download with a digital PDF-booklet via bandcamp here.