Huey Walker live at Arboretum, Greifswald

On August 24th, Huey Walker played an open air performance with his setup „Droops – Installation for three Guitars & Waterdrops“ and various other instruments in the arboretum Greifswald.

Capturing the last evening spots of a hot day’s sun, Huey Walker – who was announced by his bourgeois name Martin Hiller on the flyer – played a soothing and decelerated concert as a part of the event „Sommernachtsklänge“ in the green compound of the arboretum, which is part of the botanic garden in Greifswald.

Utilizing guitars and waterdrops as well as other instruments, tools and objects, Huey Walker created an ethereal and airy atmosphere within an audience of people sitting on park benches and lying around in the grass.

Here’s a video of the performance:

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31. August 2019