In August 2018, Huey Walker played and recorded Music with director, actor and radio play author Isabella Mamatis and the Artist Peter Tucholski.

Martin Hiller, Isabella Mamatis & Peter Tucholski – Session & Live

During her Art in Residence in Loitz, Isabella Mamatis recorded Music for Piano. Huey Walker worked collaboratively with Guitar, Synth, Harmonica, Music Box, Bowl & Bow, FX. Additionally, Peter Tucholski played his room-sized Metal Spring.

After a one-day rehearsal session, Peter Tucholski and Huey Walker supported Isabella Mamatis live during the concert-presentation of her Pianopieces in the Ballsaal Tucholski.

Video: Isabella Mamatis, Peter Tucholski & Huey Walker at Ballsaal Tucholski, Loitz

This video collects Impressions from the Rehearsal and the Live Performance of Martin Hiller aka Huey Walker with Isabella Mamatis and Peter Tucholski.

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20. August 2018