Huey Walker at Madame Claude, Berlin (2018)

Huey Walker at Madame Claude, Berlin (2018)

On April 9th, 2018 Huey Walker played – alongside Daniel Schellongowski & Ombra Elettrica – the Experimontag at Madame Claude in Berlin.

Here are some Impressions of both Performances:

Photos: Daniel Schellongowski & Ombra Elettrica at Madame Claude, Berlin

Martin Hiller (aka Huey Walker) took some Shots from the audiovisual Performance by Daniel Schellongowski with Ombra Elettrica. Check his Soundcloud here and her Vimeo there.

Photos: Huey Walker at Madame Claude, Berlin

With stumbling Beats and drony ad-lib-Samplism of Songsnippets, Huey Walker went on a rumbling Lofi-Side of Sounds this time.

Kevin Neitzel took some Photographs of Huey Walker’s Performance. Check Kev’s Photo-Portfolio over at!

On the upstairs, at the Bar, Ansgar Wilken dj’ed some drony Records by e.g. Oren Ambarchi, gently spun together with Flea-Market-Folklore-LPs and stuff.

Ah, and there’s a Video of Huey gettin‘ jiggy wit‘ some bluesy Stuff, too: