Coming up as 2 x CDr / DL on Rain, Dear! Recordings & Revelations:
The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – “Die Gute Besserung”.

Live-Recordings from The Splendid Ghetto Pipers’ Concert at the Vernissage of Cindy Schmid & Urs Bumke’s Exhibition “8-B (die gute besserung)” at Amtsgericht, Greifswald, Sept. 13th, 2013.

Two Tracks, 103 Minutes of blissful Drones and endlessly oscillating Guitar-Loops.

This is a short Teaserclip, trying to capture the burdensome and also sort of tender Quality and Warmth of the Feelings of Being-Apart and the States of Being-Inbetween within the (emotionally) instable Phases & Occurings in what one may call (Health)-Recovery – which is what the Title „Die Gute Besserung“ partly refers to – using one of a good handful of intimate Sequences from Martin Scorcese’s “Bringing Out The Dead”.

Live-Footage of The Splendid Ghetto Pipers by Fleischervorstadt-Blog.

Release Date: Dec. 20th, 2013.

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers is a Freeform-Drone-Duo of Huey Walker & Bassbees.

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – Die Gute Besserung (Release Date: Dec. 20th, 2013) from Rain, Dear! Recordings & Rev. on Vimeo.

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18. Dezember 2013

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