Hurley Wakes

Hurley Wakes

Hurley Wakes is a series of small-scale drawings by Martin Hiller made with colour crayons.

Hurley Wakes is a steady growing body of works, based on methods of subconscious acting, impromptu movements and automatic drawing – utilizing, developing and continuously modulating a catalogue of formal gestures and techniques, flowing into various semantic shapes.

Huey Walker – "Hurley Wakes", Installation View (pcs. 1 - 60), 2019

Huey Walker – „Hurley Wakes“, Installation View (pcs. 1 – 60), 2019

Like a musical freeform freakout, a piece of Hurley Wakes is commonly erruptive and erratic, yet can even seam gentle and calm in its arrangement of shapes, colours and their interplay.  Every drawing is a testimony of a state of mind. Inner moods and emotions are directly channelled through the energy of crayons moved, scrubbed and drawn on paper. Graphical forms and gestures are brought onto paper, as part of a creative frenzy erruptivly, at times rhythmically, maybe seemingly random, yet being impulsive with its bits and beats of expressionist noises, melodies and atmospheres formed into a maelstrom of multi-coloured clusters of curls, squares and fields.

Since the pieces are usually made in the hurling energy of brisk and ceaseless sessions, the works in the series Hurley Wakes are ragged up manifestations of a sensually driven roving and strolling through a human being’s moody tones and turmoils.

Pieces are numbered and dated on the back Some also contain handwritten associations, phrases or titles on the backside.

Selected pieces are brought to large format in a series titled „Hurley Makes“ as limited, numbered art-prints.

Selected Pieces from Hurley Wakes pc. 001 – 078