Martin Hiller - Mother Sun Cheese (Albumcover)

► Martin Hiller – Mother Sun Cheese

After „By The Gony State“, Martin Hiller releases another conceptual work of minimal music full of subtle changes within a steady pulse of wabbling sounds. The new work, „Mother Sun Cheese“ is a 53 minutes album made of five pieces that form a coherent unit. The music presented on this album seems to be repetitive, […]

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – By The Gony State (2019)

By The Gony State is the new album by Huey Walker. The four pieces were composed by Martin Hiller using his conceptual method called Transpulsitions.

Thy Easiness Vol. 1: My Heart Is In My Pocket (Physical Release)

► OUT NOW: Thy Easiness Vol. 1: Huey Walker – My Heart Is In My Pocket

» Thy Easiness « is a Series of Releases of Photographs and Music in a Picture Frame. » Thy Easiness « is an audiovisual Concept – liaising Imagery with Sounds in the Terms of Aleatoricism, Association and Apperception. » Thy Easiness « is Synesthaesia. First Release of the Series is a Tapeloop-Recording by Huey Walker.

The Splendid Ghetto-Pipers - I Just Want It To Be A Sound

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – I Just Want It To Be A Sound (2017)

„I Just Want It To Be A Sound“ is a vibrant recording of the concert of The Splendid Ghetto Pipers (today: The Kanadagans) on April 5th, 2013 at Ikuwo, Greifswald. The release is a vivid mixture of drugged-up shoegaze-contemplations, somnambulant meditations and minimal-fluctuating ambient-processings — always in search for the endless, perfect, burrowing, wandering sound.

The Splendid Ghetto-Pipers - Die Gute Besserung

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – Die Gute Besserung (2017)

This double-album shows The Splendid Ghetto Pipers, who are nowadays operating under their moniker The Kanadagans, doing some sprawling, puristic guitar-drones, waving through sublime psychedelic noisenoodlings, dreamy contemplations and frizzling freeform freakouts. Norman Records, UK says: „layers and layers of noise, static, hauntingly subtle melodies and tenderly quiet guitars“.

Huey Walker - "Dreamsleaves" (Front Cover)

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Dreamsleaves (2017)

„Dreamsleaves“ by Huey Walker finally finds its remastered and conceptionally complete 3-track-beauty. The album now contains an additional track and new photographic artwork. All tunes have similar, conceptional prefixes: layering various soundsources into pearly, manifold, floating structures.

Rakkoon Recordings - Various Releases, November 2017

► Rakkoon Recordings announces Release of Label-Catalogue

The new label-design gives our releases the framing sense of unity and cohesiveness we feel within all of these releases. The clear-structured design gives the plain space needed for the audio-visual offerings: the music and the photos, images and graphics. The catalogue-layout merges all records into an aesthetically unified framework

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Oscillations I

OUT NOW: Huey Walker – „Oscillations I“. The CD contains 4 Audio-Recordings from the Installation for three Guitars, a Pendulum and an optional Musician.

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Blearies (2015)

Huey Walker – „Blearies“ – Mini-CDr (rot) in Faltcover mit Einleger – limitierte Edition: 20 Stück – Rakkoon Recordings, 2015 – Release Nr.: rakk02n Guitars, Resonances, Synthesizer & Vocals  All Instruments, Photography & Artwork: Martin Hiller Recorded on Thursday, March 19th, 2015. Mini-CDr auf Rakkoon Recordings Huey Walker veröffentlicht mit „Blearies“ seine zweite Mini-CDr. […]

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers - "Nightpier", Artwork

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – „Nightpier“

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers are a Free-Form-Duo, who play improvisational Music in the Fields and Terms of Ambient, Drone and Minimalism. The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – Nightpier In late August 2013 The Splendid Ghetto Pipers played an improvised Ambient-Concert at the Fleischervorstadt-Festival in Greifswald. These Recordings are now released on „Nightpier“. This is maybe the most […]

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Dreamsleaves (2014)

Huey Walker has released his new Album. The 2 tracks on Dreamsleaves meander through Fields of glitchy Leftfield-Electronica & ambient Improv-Freewheelin‘.

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – „Die Gute Besserung“

Another Recording of the Freeform-Droners “The Splendid Ghetto Pipers”. These 2 CDs document their Live-Concert at the Vernissage of Cindy Schmid & Urs Bumke’s collaborative Exhibition “8B – Die Gute Besserung” on Sept. 13th, 2013 . Two Tracks, 103 Minutes of soundy Soothings, warm Breezes of blissful Drones and velvet Walls of Sounds. According to […]

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers - I Just Want It To Be A Sound (Cover)

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – I Just Want It To Be A Sound

44:30 Minutes of improvised Live-Music, in a freewheelin‘ Sense of John Cage – taking his Dictum „I Just Want It To Be A Sound“ as a Title. Handstamped CDr comes in printed Fold-Cover w/ 2 Inserts & Stickers. Recorded live at Ikuwo, Greifswald on April, 5th, 2013. Playing as support for Bert Papenfuß / Ronald […]

AMBIELOGUE Chapter I: Sampler on PINmusik by Pretty In Noise

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker and The Splendid Ghetto Pipers on „Ambielogue – Chapter 1“

Today, PINMUSIK – the Netlabel by Pretty In Noise – released the 22-Track-Compilation „Ambielogue – Chapter I“. Ambielogue – Chapter I „Ambielogue – Chapter 1“ features the unreleased Track „Melvin Has A Drawn Grower“ (recorded 2011) by Huey Walker and, besides many more, a tender-grainy, sort of susurrating Drone by The Splendid Ghetto Pipers. Well, […]

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers - Withered Bloom (Cover)

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – Withered Bloom

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers veröffentlichten mit „Withered Bloom“ geisterhaft taumelnde, schürfend, später auch orgelnd twangende Aufnahmen.

The Splendid Ghetto Pipers - Der Ball Ist Bunt (Cover)

► OUT NOW: The Splendid Ghetto Pipers – Der Ball Ist Bunt

Der Ball Ist Bunt is a mini-album by The Splendid Ghetto Pipers consisting of two recordings made in May 2013 in Greifswald. Limited release as MP3-Card-CD.

► OUT NOW: Huey Walker – Chaussee, Nachts Ruf / Cute Obi Corms

In den ersten regnerischen Tagen des launigen Oktobers – vom 1. bis zum 6. – verweilte Huey Walker auf dem Gelände des Kunstvereins Polly Faber. Dort erwerkelte er im Rahmen des „Schaufensterschau“– Kunstprojektes Musik, um sie möglichst zeitnah sofort zu veröffentlichen, sprichwörtlich: rauszukloppen. Resultat ist die Mini-CD „Chaussee, Nachts Ruf“ und ihr Kompagnon „Cute Obi […]